People are the key to an organisations ability to perform,
survive and excel. They form the Human Capital of
organisations and have the greatest potential impact of your
product or service in the market.


Communicated policy, procedure and safety, create the foundation of trust which is sought after by committed and productive employees. Even if you only have one person working for you, you still have the same compliance and record keeping requirements as a big business and we can show you how to implement them to create an engaged and productive team. Our tools can be purchased outright or we can work with you to tailor documentation appropriate to your business and ensure that your team are trained and bought into the culture you want to create.

Chrysallis Compliance and Foundation tools include:

– HR Policy – with 42 to choose from, we will ensure you have the ones you need
as well as the ones you want for your business communications
– Employment Contracts – full time, part time, fixed term, casual
– Management Letter Templates and How-tos
– Employee Manuals
– Individual Flexible Agreement
– Independent Contractor Agreement


We are all about making life as simple as possible for small to medium business owners. For the self-sufficient business owner or manager who is capable of recruiting and managing their team but needs support with tools, templates and how-to’s as and when you need them, our human resource self service portal is designed to have everything in one place, for when you need it. Here you have access to check sheets, templates, how-to videos, forms and processes, as well as built-for-you and build-your-own documents. Talk to us today about a TurnkeyHR option for your human resources needs including:

– People Planning and strategy
– Recruitment templates and process
– Bulk recruitment and assessment centres
– Compliance including employment contracts, policy and record keeping letters
and forms
– On-boarding checklists and best practice
– Induction process and templates
– Performance Management templates, training and best practice
– Termination guidelines and templates

Slash your HR Costs... Build Your Workplace Culture... Streamline Your Work Processes... And stay Compliant




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